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career in biotech

Postby alifeya » Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:24 pm

i've just given my hsc board exams expecting 75-80%, im strongly interested in biotechnology (the research field). please help me how to go about it, mentioning the preferable degrees and courses with specified colleges.
i've ruled out biotech engineering as it is technical and therefore im not giving cet (not interested in giving it), hope this wont ruin my career. any which ways there wont be cet from next year.
i was planning to do 3 year bsc(preferably from S.I.E.S college as ive heard it is good, may be :? ) and then 2 year msc with phd course by giving entrance exam for it(ive heard it is in delhi and banglore :? ).
Will i get satisfactory jobs in research field with a good pay scale in india? i have heard there are not satisfactory jobs in this field, but hope it will flourish till i find jobs for it.
is the path chosen by me appropriate or do you suggest something else for me. Ultimately in future i want to get a job at reputed post and with great pay scale ofcourse. BUT IN IN THE FIELD OF BIOTECHNOLOGY(research)
please mention reputed colleges/universities for the same
moreover while going through the forum i heard many of them doing Can you tell me what is all about (is it a research field?
please reply... as im at a stage where my future is in my own hands and i ought to have a bright future.
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career in biotech



Re: career in biotech

Postby vipul sharma » Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:07 am

Hi Alifeya

Biotechnology industry is a very fast growing industry worldwide. Job opportunities exist mainly in research institutes that are academically or industry based. However, in most of these jobs M.Sc or M.Tech./ PhD students are required. After completing any of these degrees, student can work as Senior Research Fellow or Research Associate in research and development department of Lifesciences/ Pharmaceutical Company. Though for getting good jobs offers your Postgraduate degree has to be from a reputed institute.

In India, at graduate level we have these types of Biotechnology programmes.
I. B.Sc in Biotechnology (3 years)
II. Integrated B.Tech. - M.Tech. in biotechnology (5 & half years)
III. B.Tech in Biotechnology or Biotechnology Engineering.(4 years).
IV. B.Tech. in Bioinformatics.(4 years).

At Postgraduate level: -
I. M.Sc in Biotechnology (2 years).
II. M.Sc in Biochemistry/ Bioinformatics/ Immunology/ Molecular Biology/Genetics and Environmental Biotechnology. (2 years).
III. M.Tech Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics and Medical Biotechnology (2 years).

At PhD level: -
I. In PhD programs students have to do research on some specific topics, which are advised by their PhD guides. (4-5 years approx.)

Since, you have just given your HSC board exams you should first try for bachelors’ degree in Lifesciences. For this you can do graduation in chemistry, Biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology or microbiology. You can also look for graduation in Biotechnology but since you are interested in research, I will suggest go for any one of these specialized graduations. This is due to the fact, after completing the post graduation you will work in any one of these fields and in biotechnology courses at graduate level you will be taught every thing but at very low scale. So, go for graduation according to your interest.

In research, career prospects depend on the depth of knowledge you have gained in your degree. Therefore it does not matter whether you have done B.Sc or B.Tech. at graduate level. However, if you want to go in a job directly after graduation, then B.Tech. graduates are preferred over B.Sc students.

After completing graduation, go for the Post graduation in Biotechnology. Some of the colleges offering Biotechnology courses at post graduation level are as follows: -

1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
2. Madhurai Kamraj University, Madurai
3. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
4. JNU, Delhi
5. NBRC, Gurgaon
6. Indian Institute of Technology
7. AIIMS, Delhi
8. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
9. University of Hyderabad
10. PGI, Chandigarh
11. Devi Ahilya University, Indore
12. National Institute of Virology, Pune

If you have any more doubts do contact me again.

Warm Regards
Vipul Sharma
vipul sharma
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