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biochemist job

Postby santhinirani.s » Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:19 pm


Iam santhinirani frm bangalore i got job as biochemist in a hospital at bangalore. I had 2 year research experience & also trainee experience in clinical labs. Iam interested in R&d jobs last five months i tried a lot to get a job in pharma industry.But i didnt get any response from R&d. My doubt is is it difficult to get a job in R&d?. Most of my friends situation is like this All of them tried in R&d then shifted to their career. Sir now iam in a dilema what to do ? If i joined as biochemist what is my future growth opportunities in this field? Iam interested in research thats what i have taken this specific area of life science. Thre is no walk in interviews at R&D?
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biochemist job



Re: biochemist job

Postby vipul sharma » Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:33 am

Hi Santhinirani

Congratulations for getting a new job. Yes, it is a little bit difficult for a fresher to get the job in R&D division of any reputable Pharma company. This is due to the fact that in today’s time a large number of postgraduate/ PhD students (in Lifesciences) are passing from colleges every year and for them very few jobs are available. Moreover, most of the jobs available are either for the experienced people or for the students from very high-ranking colleges. Consequently, most of the students are facing the same problem as yours.

So, for solving this problem, first of all you have to ask some questions to yourself and please answer them honestly.
(i) Why do you want to work in R&D?
If your answer is that you have spent so many years in research, therefore you want to work in R&D, then reconsider your decision. This shows that you want to work in R&D but you do not have love or interest for the R&D. If you want to join the job of Biochemist in hospital, then you also know that this is not a research job.

(ii) What was your main aim in joining Master’s in Biochemistry? And can your present job fulfil that aim.

I think, now you have decided whether you want to work in research or not. So, for research you have to polish your skills and for that you can join as JRF/SRF in some research institutes. You can also join some academic institute, work as lecturer there and while doing job try to do some research work in the same institute. I don’t think Walkin interviews are available for R&D, but you can search for them in different job sites.

In other case, join this job, work for few months, then if not satisfied with your work leave the job, but leave present job only when you have a another job in your hand.
In addition, take practical experience here for about 1-2 years and then go for MBA in Health service management/Hospital & Health care management.

Feel free to contact me again.

Best Regards
Vipul Sharma
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