Information about Biotechnology

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Information about Biotechnology

Postby Helpseeker » Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:59 pm

i want to know about the subjects in biotechnology .and what it actually deals with.
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Information about Biotechnology



Re: Information about Biotechnology

Postby vipul sharma » Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:54 am

Biotechnology in simple words particularly for students is the exploitation of living cells such as microbial, plant or animal cells and other natural resources at the molecular level. And main aim is to produce a particular product of improved quality. Some of the objectives of Biotechnology are:
1. Improving human health
2. Ending hunger
3. Meeting our energy and environmental needs (Biofuels)
4. Defending our home land (vaccines, sensors, biometric devices)
5. Catalyzing new innovations (for creation of self-healing, self-assembling networks and new materials and processes).

Some of the main subjects in Biotechnology are:
1. Microbiology
2. Plant tissue culture
3. Biophysics
4. Biostatistics
5. Enzyme technology
6. Biochemistry
7. Genetics and Molecular biology
8. Fermentation
9. Immunology
10. Bioprocess technology
11. Bioinformatics
12. Animal tissue culture
13. IPR
14. Environmental biotechnology
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